UBS Destino Brasil

UBS Wealth Management approached us to create an unforgettable end-to-end experience for their most valued clients. They wanted to build anticipation and excitement through a Save the Date and Invitation you couldn’t ignore with a lasting desk presence.

We took the scale, skill and passion of World Cup football and married it with the colour and dynamism of Brasil. The ephemeral essence of this experience was captured through the idea of palimpsest; the movement and traces of a football as it traverses across the pitch.

The guests were taken on a visual journey across multiple touch-points; starting with an abstract representation of the event identity through the gold foiling of the Save the Date. This then progressed to an explosion of colour and the final revelation upon opening the Invitation.

Under the creative direction of Bright Blue Day Ltd.
Liam Forrest, Sarah Compton, Martin Felton, Richard Calvert

Bespoke pattern based on trajectory lines

The trajectory lines were represented with gold foil and duplexed with five beautiful pieces of GF Smith colorplan to create a card 5mm thick. Each invitation was then hand-delivered with a signed message card from the head of UBS Wealth Management.

Destino Brasil Envelope Front
Destino Brasil envelope back
Destino Brasil Logo close up
Destino Brasil Insert card
Destino Brasil Invitation card
Destino Brasil Duplex
Destino Brasil Invitation cards
Destino Brasil Complete set
Destino Brasil Foil Close up

The invitation was housed in a luxury six panelled folder finished with a black buckram lining. A hint of colour was introduced on the front and when completely unfolded the guest was hit by an explosion of vibrancy. The invitation was duplexed with five pieces of GF Smith luxury colorplan and foiled on the reverse with the trajectory lines.

Also in the folder were six individual information cards printed on a rich black featuring a spot UV finish to highlight the detail of each image. Each image was chosen to not only imply the card’s theme but to suggest a sense of movement and Brasilian passion.