An Album of People We Do Not Know


For years I have collected old photographs and postcards, some dating back to 1904, from old junk shops and kept them in a box hidden away. 

What I always found strange was that no one would ever write on the back about where it was taken or who was in it. This was somewhat frustrating but also gave me the opportunity for quiet reflection. Are we all destined to become forgotten nonentities with ephemeral remnants of our lives surfacing in peculiar places?

After studying each photograph, I came to the conclusion that all the people captured looked like they had an ulterior motive – some were even quite sinister looking. The book documents my whole collection but has been purposefully left without captions. Instead, I wish for the reader to come-up with his or her own comments and work out who these people could have been.

This is an album of people we do not know and never wish to meet.